Take a look at the photos above... which one grabs your heart? 
Takes you back to a moment in your life?
Makes you get excited for a season you hope to come?

As the daughter of a photographer, I grew up in front of the lens and behind it. But I don't know that it was so much the "photographing" time that shaped my style. It was the excitement I'd get when sitting next to my momma as I'd watch the pictures come up of all that she'd just captured. I quickly learned that the photos I loved were more of the outtakes and the candids... you know the ones where people weren't paying any mind to the camera. As "Lifestyle Photography" became the trend, I was intrigued but pushed to go even further. I didn't want to capture people "acting natural." I wanted to capture people to being natural. Could I even do that as a business?

As I talked with those around me about my passion for this more storytelling style of photography, I found many longing for the same type of pictures that made me tick. Hence, A Sweet Aroma Photography. 

Do you live in or around Delaware and are interested in a personalized A Sweet Aroma session?
Email me at asweetaromaphotography@gmail.com for more information.



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